Wow! More 5-star reviews of Flying Alone

Sep 27, 2019 by Beth Ruggiero York, in Books

“Riveting! I couldn’t put it down. Ms. Ruggiero York is an excellent storyteller. What an interesting life!”

“This very personal novel takes us through the highs and lows of the author's early professional life in her quest to become an airline pilot. Her tenacity and commitment pushed her forward despite numerous obstacles and some seriously dangerous situations. The author's personal story about her difficult romantic relationship is heart-wrenching, but her story offers an important message for other women who may find themselves in a similar situation. We see the author's personal growth and how she perseveres to overcome tragedy and pain. This is a great read.”

“An absolutely outstanding memoir that I wasn’t able to put down until I had read the last page. Climbing the experience ladder in civilian aviation to become an airline pilot involved flying for several fly-by-night companies which had little respect for FAA regulations and maintenance requirements. The author describes in detail a number of harrowing flying experiences and honestly bares her own mistakes in judgment and planning in a few instances. The descriptions of her flights and exciting moments in the air are intertwined with candid and open accounts of a turbulent personal life and a romantic relationship that was all wrong and clearly doomed from the beginning. She reached her career goal in the end, but her major airline employment was cut short by a serious disqualifying medical diagnosis. This didn’t stop this determined young woman from avidly pursuing another career with equal fervor. She says, “I have continued to live the life I wanted, albeit a struggle.” The book is well written and one I highly recommend for all readers. – David B. Crawley, M.D. – Author of “Steep Turn: A Physician’s Journey from Clinic to Cockpit” and “A Mile of String: A Boy’s Recollection of his Midwest Childhood.”

“At first glance, this about one woman’s goal to become a commercial airline pilot. It is that and so much more.

It’s too easy to forget how hard women have fought for their place in the world. Each generation building on the other’s bitten tongues and squashed pride in order to get further along in their career choice.

This is also a memoir about aviation, planes and everything in between. A fascinating study of the commercial aircraft industry on many different levels. What are the FFA regulations and how strictly are they adhered to? Does one bend and twist the rules in order to keep a job? Pilot sobriety and the penalties for not being sober when piloting a plane.

My interest was captured early on by the writing style of Ms. Ruggiero York. She does a great job of bringing personal information about who she is and why she strives to work hard to achieve her goals. This makes this book both enjoyable, cringe worthy and reminded me of my own poor choices in companions.

It inspires one to be a better person by way of the hurdles overcome by Beth Ruggiero York. Too often in today’s day and age, we want everything easy. We want to push a button, take a pill to make it better. There is not one ounce of self-pity in this memoir, though there certainly appears to have reason for such.

This would make a wonderful gift for any young person who is trying to make it in a tough job market. Those women like myself of this same generation will find themselves nodding their heads in agreement with the experiences of working in male dominated field. As a person with disabilities, I found myself inspired the work ethic and take-no-prisoners attitude of Ms. York to set a goal and work within a physical challenge.

Thanks Beth Ruggiero York for writing the story of our generation.”