"Beth Ruggiero York is highly accomplished and admirable for her multiple talents, succeeding in the male centric industry of private as well as commercial aviation, photography and writing. Her writing style is easy and smooth without triteness or jingoism—simply a pleasurable read.”

—Travel for Aircraft


"A rewarding read about an unusually accomplished, subtly heroic woman.”



“A heart racing read.”

—The Three Tomatoes


"When you read memoirs such as Flying Alone, you recognize that people go to great lengths to fulfill their dreams.”

—Lori’s Book Loft


"Flying Alone was a fascinating look at the commercial aircraft industry and how much it has changed over the last few decades.  I found York’s tenacity and ability to share the ups and downs of her life inspiring and if you like reading memoirs I think you would enjoy reading Flying Alone too.”

-Gen the Bookworm


"FLYING ALONE: A Memoir by Beth Ruggiero York takes readers thousands of miles up into the friendly skies for a ride they won’t soon forget.”

—Write On Cindy


"The writing is so raw, honest, and suspenseful that I read this entire book in less than 24 hours — I seriously could NOT put it down.”

-Riana Shahid


"York’s story can serve as an inspiration to other brave young women stepping out into careers not previously available to women.”

—The Cyber Librarian


"A great story of the author’s determination and planned steps toward her goal.”

—Books I Think You Should Read


"Beth Ruggiero York is a bad ass. She’s braved a lot of incredible things in her life. Including, but definitely not limited to: intense pilot training with some very scary emergencies, sexism, crappy boyfriends, difficult job situations, a car accident, and so much more. But it has shaped her, and molded her and she came out on the other side to tell her story.”



"This is a satisfying book filled with action, adventure, love, personal growth and success. If you love planes, flying and memoirs, then this book will be perfect for you.”

—Openly Bookish 


“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL READERS. An absolutely outstanding memoir that I wasn’t able to put down until I had read the last page.”

—Alaska Airlines Captain David B. Crawley, M.D., Author of Steep Turn: A Physician’s Journey from Clinic to Cockpit and A Mile of String: A Boy’s Recollection of his Midwest Childhood.


“York’s story offers an important message for other women who may find themselves in a similar situation. We see the author's personal growth and how she perseveres to overcome tragedy and pain. This is a great read.”

—Kathy M.


“My hat is off to Beth. Her book will warm the hearts of grizzled pilots like me or anyone seeking insight into the challenges and rewards of flying.”

—Wayne W.


“Beth’s journey was moving and I could not put the book down once I started. Great read and a great story. If you fly you must buy!!”

—Don A.


“The book is a compelling read. It moves without hesitation and drops you off at just the right place.”

—John P.